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Empathic Listening: The Key to Communication
Program length: 50:00

One of the biggest obstacles in interpersonal communication is our tendency to respond autobiographically--meaning from our own frame of reference. We advise, probe, interpret, and evaluate others' messages based on our own experiences and motives. In listening, an autobiographical response prevents us from clearing our minds enough to really hear and feel what is being said.

Conversely, when we listen with the intent to understand ("empathically"), we are able to gain insights into another person's thoughts and feelings more accurately. Empathic listening is an attitude, a skill and a sign of emotional intelligence.

The Empathic Listening program contains 3 separate video components and a corresponding workshop that provide solid instruction on this key communication skill. Participants are given practical tips and specific phrases they can incorporate immediately into their daily conversations to ensure that they are listening with the intent to understand.

Participants learn to:

  • Diagnose before they prescribe
  • Listen empathically
  • Seek to be understood from the other's perspective

Included in the package are:
  • Nobody's Listening - Depicts what happens when a manager fails to listen to the concerns of a subordinate. With a second chance to practice the art of active listening, a number of problems are averted. (11 minutes)
  • Diagnose Before You Prescribe - Stephen R. Covey provides insights on this key step in the empathic listening process. (8 minutes)
  • I Know Just What You Mean - Shows the difference between listening with the intent to respond and listening with the intent to understand. It also demonstrates techniques that minimize misunderstanding and miscommunication. (21 minutes)
  • Tonesetter - Video of inspirational quotes and music to play before the workshop and during breaks. (10 minutes)

Languages Available: English

Produced by FranklinCovey. Master-distributed by CRM Learning/Media Partners


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Empathic Listening: The Key to Communication
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