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From No to Yes
Program length: 27:00

Persuasion is an art that must be learned if the road to agreement is not to be strewn with acrimony or conflict.

From No to Yes follows Martin as he learns the subtle techniques of effective negotiation from someone who is well-versed in the gentle art of persuasion—his doctor. She outlines guidelines that will help him to improve his ability to work towards a mutually agreed upon solution.

  • Listen Actively
  • Show Understanding
  • Explain Your Feelings
  • Refer Back to Others’ Ideas
  • Compromise to a Joint Solution

By changing his attitude and applying new techniques, Martin successfully reaches his goal and as an added bonus, lowers his blood pressure. He is left with a moral that the road to agreement and compromise does not have to be a painful grind.

It's not about being domineering or dismissive, but following a three-stage approach that accounts for everybody's needs: listening actively, explaining your own feelings, and inviting other ideas and building on them. By following the path laid out in From No to Yes, you will find the agreement follows naturally.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


A Video Arts release

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From No to Yes
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