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No modern-day scholar better answered these questions than the late Dr. Irving Janis, who introduced the concept of groupthink over three decades ago.

People often seek unanimous agreement in spite of contrary facts pointing to another conclusion. The phenomenon is called groupthink; and this compelling video, centered on the story of the Challenger, is the most definitive ever on the subject.

Organizations will benefit from training with Groupthink and participants will gain an understanding of the eight symptoms and strategies for avoiding it: 

  • Illusion of invulnerability
  • Illusion of morality
  • Rationalization
  • Shared stereotypes
  • Self-censorship
  • Illusion of unanimity
  • Direct pressure
  • Mind-guarding

Your organization's team consensus-building and process-implementation will be changed through understanding groupthink and the Challenger disaster. Also mentioned in the video are other historical events - the Bay of Pigs invasion, Pearl Harbor and the Cuban Missile Crisis - to explore and help demonstrate the phenomenon of groupthink.

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Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish (subtitled), Chinese Traditional (subtitled), French (subtitled), Japanese (subtitled), Polish (subtitled), Portuguese (subtitled), Russian (subtitled), Vietnamese (subtitled)

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reviewed by 4 people
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
A discussion of the events that led to the Challenger disaster adds drama while supporting the learning points about group decision making. Realistically portrayed, interesting, and thought-provoking but a bit too long.

  • Will likely encourage introspection among viewers about their group dynamics and decision making.
  • Interesting historical accounts.
    Karen Panier - Training Coordinator

I felt that "Groupthink" was a great demonstration on how important it is to make sure that all members of a team are truly in agreement before moving forward with a decision. This video re-enacted what factors lead up to the NASA Challenger disaster, why no one spoke up when they knew an accident was eminent, and how that relates to other work environments where group decisions are necessary.

It was very interesting to see the actual footage and to understand that there were so many different people who disputed the facts but no one actually spoke up when it came time to make the decision. "Groupthink" has a strong message, and I would certainly recommend it!

    Lynda Barreca - BC Evolutions Consulting
Forcing the watcher to be thinking outside the box is always good in a session. It changes the pace of the training and keeps momentum going.
    Jim Parco - Professor
Finding videos that integrate well with an educational setting are often difficult to find. This particular video, when combined with the famous Delta Leadership case "Carter Racing" makes for an exceptional class on Groupthink (followed by Janis' reading). Coupled with Harvey's reading on the Abilene Paradox with the video of the same name makes for a lesson students never forget comparing a leader's failure to manage both conflict and agreement.

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