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Undeliverable: Email Etiquette for Today's Workplace
Program length: 41:00

If your company does not have a comprehensive email training program - or even a set of email etiquette guidelines - your customer service reps may be committing dozens of common, yet easy-to-fix errors. These faux pas' could be costing you customers and severely tainting your reputation.

This will teach your employees the best practices for business e-mail; they'll also learn how to avoid those disastrous errors that plague so many companies and cost them customers.

Humorous real-life reenactments will both entertain and educate your staff. Crisp, clean graphical animations that reinforce valuable information will keep your employees alert and learning; numerous examples of accepted email conventions are contrasted with the common and unprofessional emails that so many of us are accustomed to receiving.

This training video is ideal for a classroom setting. For a more personal touch, let your employees watch the DVD from their desk. Once viewed, employees can help prove their mastery of customer service email etiquette by completing four interactive quizzes directly off the DVD. Upon successful completion of each quiz, a certificate of completion is available to print.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


A Employee University release

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Undeliverable: Email Etiquette for Today's Workplace
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