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Compact workspaces require a greater attention to safety. Let our courses focus your team.

Confined Spaces Safety Training

Confined Space Entry

Updated September 2015! For employees who are called to work in confined spaces, OSHA's Permit Required Confined Space Regulation (29 CFR Part 1910.146) was established to ensure their safety. 

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Confined Space Entry: Keeping Public Employees Safe

Confined spaces present numerous hazards for public works employees. With this training you can identify OSHA permit space requirements and recognize the hazards therein.

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HAZWOPER: Confined Space Entry

MARCOM's HAZWOPER Confined Space Entry Program assists facilities in complying with the employee training requirements of OSHA's HAZWOPER regulation (29 CFR 1910.120), and helps employees understand how to reduce or eliminate potential exposure to hazardous materials in their confined space work environments.

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Confined Space Entry: Plan and Prepare

Plan and prepare to work safer in confined spaces with this new release highlighting the risks and dangers present when working in confined spaces.

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Confined Space Entry: Permit Required!

Ensure you and your facility are in compliance with OSHA 1910.146 on Confined Space Safety. This bestselling program will help protect your employees from the dangers of working in confined spaces.

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Confined Space Entry: Inside Maneuvers

The USS Atlanta, a United States Naval Submarine, and its crew provide a dramatic setting to compare the dangers present when working in confined spaces to those of working on a submarine. This bestselling training will torpedo casual safety attitudes and keep your workers safe.

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Confined Space Entry: Investigation

Follow along as two very real confined space incidents are dissected to discover what went wrong and how they could have been prevented with proper confined space safety testing.

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Confined Space Ventilation

Helping workers understand how mechanical ventilation works within confined spaces will help ensure their safety. This training covers how and when to ventilate, safe ventilation practices and basic safety precautions for workers in confined spaces.

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Confined Space Atmospheric Testing

Review how and when to test for unsafe air with your confined space workers in this new release on confined space safety. This course looks into OSHA's definition of confined spaces and how to identify and minimize hazardous atmospheres.

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Confined Space Case Histories

In this award-winning training program, real life scenarios are reenacted to emphasize the high level of importance of safety when working within confined spaces.

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Confined Space Rescue

One of the most heralded and awarded training courses on confined space safety, Confined Space Rescue demonstrates safe rescue practices for employees who work in confined spaces and reviews OSHA safety requirements for confined spaces.

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Confined Space Non-Entry Rescue

This program reviews the dangers of working in confined spaces and helps your organization comply with OSHA 1910.146. Train your workers on the responsibilities of the attendant as well as how to rescue someone from a confined space without endangering one's self.

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Confined Space Hotwork: Checklist to Safety

Confined spaces are already frought with perils but add in hotwork and the dangers multiply. Train your workers on lifesaving safety precautions when working in confined spaces with hotwork.

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