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Bad Apples™: How to Deal with Difficult Attitudes
Program length: 23:00

Let’s start with the bottom line first. If you have lazy teammates, cranky customers, bossy bosses or rigid coworkers, Bad Apples: How to Deal with Difficult Attitudes is for you! Bad attitudes in the workplace can deteriorate morale, lower productivity and increase costs. This program can give supervisors, managers and employees some practical, easy-to-use techniques for eliminating negativity in the workplace.

Like the saying “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch,” one person with a bad attitude can have a negative impact on the entire team or company! Bad Apples is a learning experience to help people understand how attitudes impact relationships and provides a process for overcoming attitudes that may be stifling their individual and team performance. Bad Apples can help the bad apples shine!

After completing the training workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize and describe characteristics of bad attitude
  • Understand how negativity impacts relationships and performance
  • Assess challenging situations/determine strategy
  • Utilize a 5-step process for dealing with difficult people
  • Identify reason(s) for poor performance
  • Develop potential solutions for resolving problems
  • Regain positive attitude about other person/situation
  • Manage conflict with confidence for positive outcome
It’s sad but true; one or more “bad apples” can spoil a bunch of your best performers or undermine your organizational culture. Bad Apples: How to Deal with Difficult Attitudes helps employees to recognize the characteristics of rotten attitudes and sort out the problems they cause.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Bad Apples™: How to Deal with Difficult Attitudes
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