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Resolving Conflict
Program length: 09:00

Key Learning Points

  • DON’T: Be rude and lose control
  • INSTEAD: Manage own emotions and be respectful
  • DON’T: Attack or be defensive
  • INSTEAD: Be factual and communicate openly
  • DON’T: Stop caring
  • INSTEAD: Acknowledge and apologize
  • DON’T: Get frustrated and give up
  • INSTEAD: Find common ground and follow rules

Resolving Conflict is divided into 6 chapters:

  1. Respect individual differences
  2. Manage your own emotions
  3. Be factual – not attacking or defensive
  4. Acknowledge and apologize
  5. Follow rules and find common ground
  6. Focus on fixing not frustration


A great program on essential skills for preventing and resolving conflict with ideal outcomes.

As Carol’s manager, Serena has observed that she is egotistical and doesn’t listen. Serena notes that conflicts often occur in the workplace because people are territorial, aloof, negative or antagonistic. People need to learn to respect individual differences; they may be experiencing difficulties elsewhere in their lives. You must manage your own emotions, particularly when feeling overwhelmed or stressed. When staff are upsetting, Serena adopts a bland expression (even if she is screaming or crying internally). People should be factual – not attacking or defensive. Sam points out to Michael how he is overly critical of Sam’s policy work. Alex and Sam role-play a customer dissatisfied with a product; and how to acknowledge and apologize. They recognize it is best to follow rules and find common ground – to hold relationships together, despite people’s differences. Focus on fixing, not frustration – this is tough for Michael, who complains about stale food in the fridge, and a messy copy room but must learn to remedy them.

About Cutting Edge Communication...

Cutting Edge Communication training videos are designed to provoke discussion and response. Contemporary, fast paced, character driven, sitcom-style comedies, these courses take an innovative approach to reaching today's learners. Through laughter, discussion and reaction, we can all develop a more transparent and shared vision of how we wish to behave, how we manage ourselves, and how we cooperate with others.

While some find them insensitive or even outrageous, the vast majority of viewers and participants have found them to be refreshing, stimulating and ideal for injecting energy and enthusiasm back into learning.

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Resolving Conflict
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