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Solving Conflict: Training for Managers, Supervisors and Teams
Program length: 28:00

Conflict is a natural side effect of people collaborating in any workplace, but once it develops, it must be dealt with swiftly to prevent unwanted interference with productivity and employee morale. Many managers take a hands-off approach when conflicts arise even if they know it is for the good of the organization if they are speedily resolved. This is most often due to uncertainty of the best way to intervene as a neutral party.

If your managers and team leaders run for cover at the first sign of a conflict, this training will help them to overcome their resistance and get proactively involved. Solving Conflict for Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders models interpersonal skills for effective conflict resolution and positive working relationships. Bonus practice sessions at the end of the training will facilitate role-playing and further discussion.

Training Points covered in the program:

  • How to know when to intervene in the case of employee conflicts
  • The best approach to use when taking action to resolve a conflict between coworkers or colleagues across department lines
  • Techniques for uncovering what the cause of the issue is by asking questions and really listening to the answers
  • Ways of providing neutral feedback to continue unraveling the story of why the conflict occurred
  • Best practices for laying basic rules during discussions to keep things fair for everyone involved
  • Methods of working toward a win-win resolution for both parties

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Solving Conflict: Training for Managers, Supervisors and Teams
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