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Cave-In! Trenching & Shoring Safety
Program length: 18:00

Most accidents involving excavations or trenching are the result of soil cave-ins. There are three basic types of systems designed to protect workers from the danger of cave-ins: sloping, shielding, and shoring. Cave-In! Trenching & Shoring Safety illustrates that although the concepts behind each system are simple, differences in soil types, grain size, and saturation make the selection and implementation of a safety and protective system more complex.

The easiest way to control cave-ins is to slope the walls of the excavation at an angle such that soil does not roll into the excavation site. By examining saturation levels, Cave-In! Trenching & Shoring Safety demonstrates that in more stable soils, the slope can be steeper than in less stable soils and still be effective. Sloping must be greater if the areas near the excavation are subject to heavy loads.

Cave-In! Trenching & Shoring Safety explains that shoring systems are structures made of wood or metal that press firmly against an excavation side wall in order to brace and support the sidewalls thus preventing cave-ins. Aluminum hydraulic shores consist of two vertical members that support opposite sides of a trench and at least one connecting horizontal member containing hydraulic fluid that is pumped up to exert pressure on the vertical members. Timber shoring achieves similar support but is constructed out of timbers at the excavation site based on job-specific requirements.

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Cave-In! Trenching & Shoring Safety
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