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Henry Ford: Bringing it to the Masses
Program length: 7:11

Henry Ford created the Model T, an expensive, rugged car, for the masses in 1908. It was created on an assembly-line based on the meatpacking industry. It was a huge success but later Ford was slow to create a new kind of car that provided comfort and was popular with the public. He eventually created the Model A and even the V-8 engine, which drew praise from John Dillinger, a notorious bank robber in the Depression-era.

As workers complained about the repetitive nature of their jobs, he increased their wages, creating a virtuous circle of customers who could now afford his cars. He fought but eventually signed a contract with the United Auto Workers (UAW) which unionized auto-workers.

There's so much more to this entrepreneur who was also good friends with Thomas Edison. Ford was a pacifist who wound up supporting the U.S. Armaments production and more.


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Henry Ford: Bringing it to the Masses
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