Paradigm Mastery Series
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Futurist Joel Barker invites leaders and trainers from a wide range of businesses to an informal retreat where together they explore the dynamics of paradigms and paradigm shifts. Paradigm Mastery Series is a comprehensive 5 part series and covers the full range of Joel Barker's work, from the leader's responsibility to find the future, to a practical strategy for forming paradigm-hunting teams.

PROGRAM 1: Change and Leadership - 23:00 minutes

For the first time on video, Joel Barker discusses the important relationship between leadership and change. The "Change and Leadership" training video helps everyone in your organization understand their roles during change, how change relates to their customers and the importance of anticipating change. Leaders will discover why they should honor unsolved problems.

PROGRAM II: The Paradigm Effect - 28:00 minutes

The Paradigm Effect training video shows why good people miss great opportunities. Discover how paradigms can trap you, and then find out how to avoid the trap and see past your own paradigms.

PROGRAM III: Paradigm Hunting - 20:00 minutes

"We're stuck in our paradigm, so what do we do now?" In the "Paradigm Hunting" training video, Joel Barker suggests two simple steps to get people involved in discovering the future.

PROGRAM IV: Paradigm Partners - 30:00 minutes

In the "Paradigm Partners" training video you'll learn how to identify the three paradigm partners in your organization. Although each partner views the world through very different eyes, they each play a critical role. Find out how their roles can measure the ways each reacts to change.

PROGRAM V: The Paradigm Curve - 28:00 minutes

Let "The Paradigm Curve" training video help you find out where your paradigm and your competition's paradigm are in their life cycles. Pinpoint the ideal window of opportunity to effect the shift in any paradigm. Discover why your most aggravating problems are really the keys to your next paradigm and your future.

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Paradigm Mastery Series
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