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Ray Kroc: McDonalds Pitch Man
Program length: 9:43

Middle-aged entrepreneur, Ray Kroc, a real estate salesman with no formal education, turned McDonalds into a global brand. Much like Howard Schultz, who saw more to Starbucks than selling bags of coffee, Kroc saw McDonalds as a restaurant experience that could be replicated through franchises.

His first inkling came when, as a milk shake mixer salesman, he noticed McDonalds was using a lot of the machines. He could have thought about selling even more milk shake mixers but instead saw the bigger opportunity in opening restaurants in the burgeoning suburbs that offered casual, inexpensive dining with little to no wait time. He systemized the whole operation for uniformity from cleanliness to cooking specifications down to the cut of a French fry.


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Ray Kroc: McDonalds Pitch Man
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