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An Invisible Man Meets the Mummy
Program length: 19:00

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Employee compliance is imperative to ensuring customers have the best possible experience with your organization. Policies and regulations enrich the employee-customer relationship and protect the company from costly litigation. While it is important to have common sense policies and procedures in place, too many rules can burden your customers and employees with red tape.

Without realizing it, many capable people let red tape cloud their vision of what customer service is about. To illustrate this point, this film portrays the employee is an inflexible mummy wrapped in red tape. The customer is invisible because the mummy just can't see him. But only temporarily -- because the eight skills for good customer service are soon revealed. Viewers learn how to put the customer first and how to create high quality policies that meet the customer's needs and expectations.

Participants will learn about:

  • Flexibility and attitude
  • Planning and being effective
  • Measuring your own progress

Languages: Bahasa (Indonesia) (subtitle), Chinese (simplified) (subtitle) and Chinese (traditional) (subtitle) 

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An Invisible Man Meets the Mummy
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