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How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less
Program length: 16:00

"If people LIKE you, they'll see the BEST in you. If they DON'T they'll tend to see the WORST."
-Nicholas Boothman

You have only 90 seconds to create a lasting, good impression that is built on trust and rapport. This fun and motivational training film that will teach your employees how to naturally make a genuine connection with everyone they meet. From customers to coworkers, and others, they will learn to have a positive effect in their personal and business lives.

Host Nicholas Boothman enthusiastically shows employees that, in business as well as life, the failure to build trust and rapport can be insurmountable, while the rewards of a good first impression are almost immeasurable.

Viewers will learn how to:

  • Choose the right attitude - by being welcoming, enthusiastic, curious and resourceful.
  • Send the right signals - with your face, body and voice.
  • Get people talking and keep them talking - with a short statement and an open-ended question.

Even if your company already offers other types of customer service or sales training, How to Connect in Businesss 90 Seconds or Less should hold a prominent place and will add to your training library. This program is impactful, memorable, fun, and motivational. Best of all, your employees will be able to transfer what they learn immediately to the workplace.  

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Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish (dubbed), Cantonese (dubbed), Chinese Traditional (subtitled), Chinese Simplified (subtitled), Dutch (subtitled), French Canadian (dubbed), Greek (subtitled), Hebrew (subtitled), Hindi subtitled), Italian (subtitled), Norwegian (subtitled), Portuguese (dubbed), Swedish (subtitled)

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Honest opinions from the managers and employees who use our training products in the real world.
How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less
reviewed by 9 people
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
This motivational program lives up to its title. Your company and your employees will reap benefits from this video's message long after the video has ended. Employees will be able to immediately transfer the learning to their workplace, especially when the learning points are reinforced and practiced in a workshop setting. Nicholas Boothman's enthusiasm is contagious.

  • Clear, concise learning points
  • Employees can immediately apply what they've learned to their job.
  • Skills can cross over from work to everyday life.
  • Boothman is entertaining.
  • Discussion about synchronizing body language and rate of speech is too brief; reinforcement of learning point and time to practice in a group setting would be helpful.
6 out of 10 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Krag Swartz - Lund Byerly's
"How to connect in Business in 90 seconds or less" helps your team grow antennae that pick up on customer needs and interests by teaching what's tough to teach: attitude, body language and conversation that engage customers quickly. The "connecting" lessons are practical and have
application for virtually any selling environment. And, using these skills results in great by-product: namely increased sales and productivity while adding a fun element to growing relationships with both external and internal customers.
3 out of 4 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Brady Wright - Training Manager, Moneytree, Inc.
With time being the most valuable commodity for any business today, the ideas and skill sets in "How to Connect in Business... in 90 seconds or less" are literally right on the money! The most important minutes in any business relationship are the first ones. Boothman's program gives some terrific tools to create the right first impression, build on it and make it last.
4 out of 4 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Mary Tierney - The Human Resource Group, LLC
Nicholas Boothman is very engaging and enthusiastic in his delivery, which will keep the audience interested and entertained. The message reinforces the fundamentals of making a positive first impression in a fresh and lively approach. The core concepts are delivered in a simple and clear fashion with enough visual aids that make it easy to follow and understand. A perfect training program for all sales and customer service employees in any industry.
2 out of 2 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Daniel Walker - Good Deeds & You, Inc
Just watched the 16 minute "How to Connect in Business... in 90 seconds or less" and thought it was excellent! You've crammed a ton of useful information into a relatively short amount of time. I believe trainees who want to grow will be motivated or inspired to make changes!! (I believe the prior promoting of the training will set the tone for trainee expectations. BTW: I think your website is very well done--Thanks for putting the previews out there.
2 out of 5 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Marc Salmon - The Brown, A Camberley Hotel
Well done, fast paced, and with a memorable message that is easy to grasp. Very valuable to anyone in a service or sales enviornment. "How to Connect in Business" is a winner.
    Mark Armstrong - Comforcare Senior Services
This type of information is positive and uplifting for both business people and all of us in our personal situations. This training session will prove useful to anyone who views it.

    Judith Frey - Renton Technical College
Useful for customer service or sales training, this upbeat video brings a new approach to connecting with others in business. It's the Dale Carnegie message with up-beat music, good graphics and a compelling narrator. Useful tips to insure a sincere smile, test you've made eye contact and keep a conversation going with open-ended questions are among the easily accessible takeaways. The 17 minute length leaves training time for discussion, role playing and practicing the skills that are introduced.
    Will Bucquoy - AAMCO Transmissions
Clear, concise and not overloaded with ideas. The objective, which was to make a positive connection with people in your life, was demonstrated very well by the narrator and supported very well with the graphics and visuals. I truly enjoyed it and would recommend it.

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