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Love Your Customers & Love Your Difficult Customers
Program length: 39:00 total

Hollywood celebrity John O'Hurley explains four essential steps to great service.

John O'Hurley is as much as part of business as he is show business. He has been embraced for his business savvy by Business Week, Time, CNBC and more. Most notably known as the eccentric catalogue clothier J. Peterman on the hit television show, Seinfeld, he now owns the J.Peterman Company, along with the "real" J. Peterman. O’Hurley is also a best-selling author and an accomplished composer. A spokesman and voice for countless companies throughout the years, he is one of the top corporate motivational speakers in the country.

Why is this important? The companies in which John is an investor are highly customer service-related. On a consistent basis he practices what he teaches in striving to offer great customer service. Additionally, as an actor who is often in the public eye, he understands, first-hand the importance of both image and branding. As an entertainer, he believes, you are individually responsible for both.

Program 1: Love Your Customers (28 minutes)

Love Your Customers demonstrates that in whatever line of work, customer service is a direct extension of the way both you and your company are viewed by the customer.

Love Your Customers reminds us that there are no small parts only small choices we make about how to treat our customers. In the end, the role we play is always our choice. It’s a funny and memorable program with a simple and a universal message. So open up your heart and help your company start “Feeling the Love”. Here are John’s four key learning points for delivering great customer service:

1. Welcome Them

  • Focus on what they have to say
  • Make eye contact
  • Watch your body language
  • Smile

2. Attend to Their Needs

  • Give the customer “all the time in the world”
  • Make everyone feel like a VIP (very important person)
  • Listen then repeat their needs
  • Help them

3. Be Informed

  • Explain products & services in a simple way
  • Know what customers value
  • Not sure?…Ask the customer
  • Be candid

4. Thank Them

Program 2: Love Your Difficult Customers (11 minutes)

John O'Hurley has certainly seen unhappy customers (and has been one from time to time). More importantly, an unhappy customer may interface with you or your company.

Trying to satisfy an unhappy customer can be frustrating and difficult for even the most skilled service person. But all problems are solvable. Not only can you satisfy an angry customer, but also, if handled correctly, you can turn an angry customer into a loyal champion for your company!
In this separate program, John O'Hurley provides you with four simple steps to help you provide great service to difficult customers:

  • Take Responsibility: Remember that YOU are the company
  • Listen and Confirm: Be sure that you understand their needs
  • Empathize: Let them know you appreciate how they feel
  • Provide Options: Empower your customer with options so that an agreeable solution can be reached

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Love Your Customers & Love Your Difficult Customers
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