T2 FISH! Trainer Tools
Program length: 16:00

FISH! Trainer Tools provides the tools to help a facilitator perform and optimize the FISH! training. It is flexible, saving an experienced facilitator time by providing PowerPoint presentations, workbooks and exercises so they don't have to, and helping all facilitators by providing explanations, exercises, and video examples of trainers in action.

Here’s some of the benefits of FISH! Trainer Tools:

  • Saves time and energy with customizable outlines for your FISH! event.
  • Meets the needs of facilitators, managers and participants through multiple learning styles.
  • Sustains long-term growth and change through supplementary materials.
  • Planning is made easy with all materials provided!
  • Supports broader FISH! initiatives and culture transforming programs.

Most importantly, it is based on proven techniques and processes of the FISH! Philosophy to help ensure that the training will succeed. FISH! Trainer Tools is a key ingredient to understand how to re-create the culture portrayed in any of the many FISH! programs.

Languages: English


A ChartHouse Learning release

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T2 FISH! Trainer Tools
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