What Do You Say?
Program length: 22:00

When it comes to customer service challenges, the first few seconds and your first few words determine your success or failure.

Fast-paced, energetic and loaded with excitement, What Do You Say? training puts employees on the hot seat as they are challenged with more than 30 awkward, intimidating, sometimes overwhelming customer situations. It then provides realistic, practical answers that they can use on the job immediately.

A powerful tool that no employee should be without, the What do you Say? Employee Handbook takes over where the training leaves off, providing practical answers to more than 100 difficult customer service situations, including disruptive guests, diversity challenges, disability issues, etiquette and more.

What Do You Say? will help you learn key words and phrases necessary to handle tough customer situations with ease and confidence when:

  • Your guest is disappointed
  • Your guest won't let you help
  • It's NOT about business
  • You can't say yes
  • Your guest feels wronged

This film is also available with Bahasa (Indonesia) (subtitle), Chinese (traditional) (subtitle) and Chinese (simplified) (subtitle)

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Purchase $945.00
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DVD video Purchase $895.00

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What Do You Say?
reviewed by 8 people
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
Most customer service programs give you a process or help learners understand the concept of providing excellent service. What Do You Say? goes one step further. What Do You Say? actually addresses awkward, sticky, even difficult service scenarios. Presented from a customer's perspective, What Do You Say? will reinforce your service standards and enhance any customer service training you currently provide by offering employees the right words to say so they'll have the sense of how to handle similar situations. What Do You Say? is a flexible and unique training program that provides the first words for dozens of realistic customer interactions.

  • Goes beyond customer service awareness training by offering specific, practical key words and phrases that employees can immediately apply on the job.
  • Viewers will be drawn in because they can so easily relate to the realistic customer scenarios.
  • The accompanying game is a highly entertaining way to reinforce the learning.
3 out of 4 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Alma Moore, ACS - Opperations Coordinator
I received the package and to say the least 'it is full of great stuff'!!! We are so appreciative of Media Partners making this hot off the press training video available to us.

Oh...the feedback... this is a great production. The narrator was pleasant, clear, concise and held the audience attention. The customer service reps depicted real life situations. They were quite diverse in appearance, speech and resolution to not so pleasant customers but all were very professional.

I like the design of the video tape cover, handbook and pocket card. What do you Say? will be an asset to anyone's training library.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to add this program to our training library!
2 out of 3 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Tom Botkin - Director of Training
What do you Say? is an excellent video especially for companies that have direct face to face customer service contact.
2 out of 2 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Thomas Mills - Business Owner
In retail, you deal with a wide variety of customers and customer service situations. What do you Say? offers "down-to-earth", workaday solutions to the most challenging of these situations. I thought the information was presented in an easy to understand and follow format with a pleasant host. The "news' interruptions were particularly cleaver, unexpectedly grabbing my attention. Great stuff!
0 out of 2 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Bob Mclawhorn - Rent-A-Center
Great job! Great concept! Truly one of the best training videos I've seen this year. "What do you Say?" moved along quickly and kept my interest the entire time. Great solid training points!!
1 out of 3 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Elizabeth Henderson - Stevens Community College
I really like What do you Say? I just recently moved to Louisiana, and although they talk about having southern hospitality, I have not found it yet!! The majority of the employees who work in the customer service industry here behave as one has interrupted them at work. What Do You Say? is great, I just wish I could go to each company where I received bad customer service and tell them they should have their employees view and follow your video suggestions for better customer service.
    Angela Quinley - HR Savvis Center
Our work environment is very unique to other areas. We are a sports and entertainment facility located in an urban area. The majority of or employees are part time and do not work regular hours due to our event schedule. To often, training videos focus on industry or work environments that do not fit our needs. This video is up beat, has a fresh look and focuses on something that all employees should be knowledgeble on - how to speak to the customers. Your video provides real life examples of what is often said on both sides of the counter. It offers up different views on what your counterpart is thinking and great suggestions on how to respond. The dialouge does not stray far from the main point and does all of this in less then 30 minutes. Terrific!
    Harry Green
Great overall presentation with specific situations and exact information on how to respond to a variety of customer situations. The presentation is long enough to understand customer service challenges and learn how to respond, yet short enough to retain the interest of all in an audience.

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