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As Simple As Respect
Program length: 25:00

The As Simple As Respect is a comprehensive and easy-to-follow program featuring a series of workplace vignettes that illustrate disrespectful behavior and how to correct it.

Both employees and managers will be able to use the seven common sense "Guidelines" to discuss issues of respect in a diverse workplace as they relate to their own experiences and behaviors.

As Simple As Respect training's "Guidelines" are further broken down into "Simple Steps," which makes this an especially effective and user-friendly program. The vignettes include healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and office settings.

Bring your workforce together and put an end to the disruptions and disagreements in the's As Simple As Respect.

Key Learning Points...

  • Religious or cultural beliefs don't justify disrespectful behavior toward coworkers.
  • Just because expressions or words are commonly used, doesn't mean that they are acceptable.
  • Be careful not to display or send potentially offensive materials on your computer.
  • Judging people's abilities by their appearance can lead to discrimination.
  • Cultural or ethnic stereotypes are offensive.
  • Speak up against disrespect.

Languages: English, Spanish


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As Simple As Respect
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