Building the Multicultural Team: Diversity in the Workplace
Program length: 15:00

Ideal for team building activities, Building the Multicultural Team: Diversity in the Workplace will take viewers on an exciting journey to observe a global team in action. Watch a problem-plagued meeting between five managers from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America, and discover powerful techniques for working effectively with other cultures.

Benefits of Building the Multicultural Team include:

  • Understanding the challenges of work in a multicultural team
  • Developing an effective cross-cultural, multicultural leadership plan
  • Finding out how to communicate effectively with other cultures
  • Dealing effectively with differences in values and priorities
  • Discovering how to build effective working relationships
  • Seeing success stories on multicultural teams
  • Understanding that awareness is a "two-way street": all cultures need to adapt
  • Learning how to bridge differences and create a balanced approach

Enjoy turnkey solutions with the Building the Multicultural Team training program. Create a dynamic learning experience and provide outside expertise. Colorful, engaging visuals coupled with real-life scenarios are backed by a who's who of content experts to bring important topics to life.

Building the Multicultural Team: Diversity in the Workplace is a powerful yet easy-to-use training program, which demonstrates how to foster effective leadership on a multicultural team, and how to overcome differences and benefit from cultural diversity.

"Building the Multicultural Team is a great addition to our facilitated programs. The highly engaging scenarios bring to life the practical situations our employees need to understand." –Ron Mortensen, Intercultural Development Manager, Chevron Corp

Languages: English


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Building the Multicultural Team: Diversity in the Workplace
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