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Diversity 101™ - The Complete Series
Program length: 36:00 total running time

Treating others with respect is paramount to a successful and inclusive workplace. Things like unconscious/hidden bias, gender identification, crude jokes, disrespectful comments, etc. can all stress an organization not prepared for the diversity we are seeing in today’s workforce.

Diversity 101 - The Complete Series is a powerful video series featuring 8 dramatic, thought-provoking vignettes that entertain while they dive deeply into diversity, inclusion and respect topics.

The 8 vignettes are:

  • Diversity 101, An Overview - A short introduction that explains what is meant by “diversity moments” and other key diversity terms. (3:07 min)
  • Don’t Know What You Got - Discusses “biases” – how and why everyone has them, along with the importance of challenging our assumptions about others. (1:57 min)
  • Merge Ahead - Reveals that “organizational diversity” includes work habits and values that are affected by commuting patterns, virtual teams and geographic distance. (1:27 min)
  • Seriously, At Work? - Explores gender and identity issues while reminding employees to watch out for double standards - such as those applied to some groups and not to others. (1:34 min)
  • Spreading Rumors - Shows that the spreading of false or private information about others has a disruptive effect on relationships and can sometimes be seen as harassment. (1:35 min)
  • That Wasn’t Funny - Helps employees see the problem of telling jokes in the workplace - especially those that may cross the line between what is and is not appropriate. (1:47 min)
  • The "PC" Police are Here - Shows how to overcome the challenges of approaching someone who has said something that's causing a lot of friction. (1:48 min)
  • What Did She Say? - Addresses when it is okay for bilingual employees to speak another language with people who share it… when they’re around people who don’t. (1:24 min)

The vignettes, along with a Discussion Guide for each situation, will help employees be able to engage and work through differences in a positive manner that supports productivity, teamwork and customer satisfaction.

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Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Diversity 101™ - The Complete Series
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