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Diversity Challenges: What Would You Do?
Program length: 16:41

Defining diversity and understanding how to navigate through a diverse workforce are two very different things. It is one thing to understand what diversity is, but it's another to hire and manage the human complexities of a diverse workforce.

In talking about diversity, we not only focus on the visible examples such as race, age, gender, and national origin, but also on not-so-visible examples such as personality style, style of interaction, lifestyle situations, education, work function, etc. It is the identification, acceptance and understanding of those differences and similarities that allow individuals to become aware of and fully use their talents and abilities to make unique contributions to workgroups and organizations.

Whether your organization already started a diversity initiative or you're just beginning to look at the affect diversity has on your productivity, this program is designed to give your organization a chance to discuss some real issues concerning your workforce.

Diversity Challenges: The Interview - 8:00 minutes
A man comes in for an interview at a company with a diverse culture. Will he judge and be judged or will his open mind open the door to his new job?

Diversity Challenges: Do I have to Work With Him? - 8:00 minutes
A woman is working on a project with someone she feels uncomfortable with. The manager is posed with the difficult issue of getting the two people best for the job to work together harmoniously.

Languages: English


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Diversity Challenges: What Would You Do?
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