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Diversity: Respect at Work
Program length: 16:00

The deomgraphics of the U.S. labor force have gone through an unprecedented change; organizations have four generations working side by side, and businesses employ more women, single parents, and various ethnic and racial groups than ever before.

Different opinions, beliefs, and ways of doing things inevitably clash and this program can help employees understand, accept and value these differences. Diversity: Respect at Workwill guide them in how to:

  • Realize how open-mindedness can benefit the bottom line
  • Understand, identify, and manage biases
  • Recognize that disrespect can happen even without their knowing it
  • Create a more inclusive workplace
  • Adopt a “think before you speak” mindset
  • Resolve conflicts respectfully
Diversity: Respect at Work compares today's diverse workplace to musical genres that consist of various cultural influences. It also uses the image of an orchestra to show that each employee, no matter how different, plays a valuable role in an organization. Furthermore, the program draws lessons on accepting and valuing differences, practicing inclusion, and resolving conflicts in a way that creates harmony between co-workers. Diversity: Respect at Work uses these and other musical references to show how employees can establish a diversity-friendly culture. This program also features lively role-plays set in different scenarios to enhance the viewing experience.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish


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Diversity: Respect at Work
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