Drop by Drop
Program length: 19:00

Who said you shouldn't sweat the small stuff?

What if those small things undermine morale and reduce productivity? Drop by Drop demonstrates how the small slights, subtle discrimination and tiny injustices can add up to big problems in your workplace! These little negative gestures are called "micro-inequities" and they occur in organizations every day.

These small communications of disrespect, prejudice and inequality aren't overt, but they can be incredibly destructive. It's a poison in the workplace that isn't delivered in a bucket, but rather takes its toll drop by drop.

Drop by Drop opens with the resignation of a frustrated employee. After exploring the workplace and employees we learn that the employee resigned as a result of bad attitudes and disrespect at the hands of peers and colleagues. The program’s host engages and challenges the viewer with his different perspective on our insensitive behaviors.

Drop by Drop samples several examples of micro-inequities that could easily be avoided and then shares the key concepts for creating an inclusive and productive work environment:

  • CONSIDER: Listen, empathize, and follow the "platinum rule" by treating others as they'd like to be treated.
  • RESPECT: Show regard for all races, religions, cultures and ages and value the talents each person brings to the workplace.
  • LEARN: Be open to information about different cultures, customs and the perspectives of your co-workers. Learn to communicate with kindness and clarity.

Put an end to the disrespect co-workers unknowingly inflict upon each other with Drop by Drop

Languages: English


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Drop by Drop
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