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Let our thought provoking and award-winning selection of diversity training help you build a culture of inclusion.

Diversity Training Videos

"How Was Your Day?" Getting Real about Bias, Inclusion, Harassment and Bullying

A Media Partners Release

"How Was Your Day?" draws employees in AND GETS THEM TALKING ABOUT how to recognize and understand their workplace responsibilities in the areas of unconscious bias, diversity & inclusion, harassment and bullying.

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Gateways to Inclusion: Turning Tense Moments into Productive Conversations

Dr. Sondra Thiederman calls them “gateway events”. This innovative program shows how painful and disruptive diversity disasters can be, and offers simple tools and a fresh perspective to help your people turn these uncomfortable situations into productive conversations.    

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Diversity 101™ - The Complete Series

Show what Diveristy is, and how it is an important part of a respectful workplace. Topics covered in this diversity awareness training series include: unconscious (hidden) bias, cultural competence, diversity moments, gender & gender identity, rumors & gossip, joking and improper expressions.

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Diversity: Face to Face

Today, diversity awareness must also address how people are treated by their co-workers and the organization itself -- as well as how they want to be treated. When unity is the goal, we find that we actually have many similarities and that there are significant benefits to a diverse organization.

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Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts

Based on the bestselling book by Leslie C. Aguilar, this comprehensive training program offers an innovative approach to educating your workforce on diversity & inclusion, bias, communication, teamwork and leadership.

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Ouch! Your Silence Hurts

Challenge your employees by asking, "How will you personally respond next time you witness somebody being treated with disrespect?" In a powerful and compelling way, this follow-up to the best selling Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts motivates bystanders to use their voice to speak up for respect on behalf of someone else.

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A Peacock in the Land of Penguins

A CRM Release

Through an animated fable, this classic story of Perry the Peacock and his friends, shows how organizations benefit when they value someone who is different, and embrace diversity to improve communication, teamwork, creativity and empowerment. 

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M.E.E.T.: Breaking New Ground™ Respect and Inclusion in the Workplace

One thing that we all have in common is the importance of inclusion and respect. The M.E.E.T. model is a practical tool to assist employees and organizations in managing diversity dynamics and creating a “respect-filled” and inclusive workplace.

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Village of 100

Enhance cross-cultural awareness for both new and seasoned employees with this program that will help cultivate a more ethnically sensitive workforce -- a fundamental element for any great organization.

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Anyone Can Be An Ally

Written and presented by Brian McNaught, dubbed "the godfather of gay sensitivity training" by the NY Times, Brian is considered the world's leading corporate diversity consultant dealing with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues in the workplace.

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Please Respect My Generation! - 5 Generations at Work

This overview of the 5 different generations present in today's workplace, gives viewers a foundation for increased understanding and tolerance. Learn to communicate better, deal with change, increase productivity, and develop a more respectful workplace. Create unity at work for people at all stages of life with this effective and interesting training.

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Let's Get Together: Communicating Respect in a Diverse Workplace

With a unique and comprehensive approach, this training program tackles the issues of diversity, communication, conflict-management and teamwork to help you foster a more productive workplace.

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Are We Really So Different, You and I?

This 2 minute inspirational program tackles the topic of diversity in a compelling and insightful manner which provokes the question "Are We Really So Different, You and I?"

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Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series

A powerful training series covering over 80 workplace topics every workplace needs to address. Short, sharp and funny with simple messages and skills for everyone.

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