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Inclusion Insights with Dr. Steve Robbins
Program length: 71:00 total running time

Inclusion Insights is a powerful presentation of Steve's thinking: why inclusion is important, why it's about creativity and innovation, and why it's NOT about just doing the right thing.

Adopting an approach that does NOT blame or point fingers, but instead challenges individuals and organizations to be more open-minded, Dr. Robbins motivates people with a dynamic use of storytelling, humor, and extensive knowledge of pertinent issues and concepts.

Inclusion Insights is designed for flexible use. The video program is chaptered into 3 Sections and 11 Insights. Each insight has a brief discussion guide to help you use the segment independently in a short session or to integrate it into your existing curriculum. The sections are:
Stereotypes (27 minutes) 
Lazy Brains (21 minutes) 
Unintentional Intolerance (23 minutes)

Together these sections form a comprehensive approach to understanding how N.I.C.E. (Not Inclined to Critically Examine) people fall into stereotyping and what they can do about it. A second training design groups the insights into three 1-hour training sessions. 

"Dr. Robbins is a gifted speaker and story teller who can move people to see things they may never have seen before. His knowledge of diversity issues is only surpassed by his ability to share that knowledge in an inviting, insightful and inspirational way." - Lynsey Martin, Raytheon 

Also Available: 
For an edited version of this program, see
The Uh-Oh Syndrome: From Intolerance to Inclusion 
Defeating Unconscious Bias
Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts

Languages Available (sold separately): English


A SunShower Learning release

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Inclusion Insights with Dr. Steve Robbins
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