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The Plus of Us: Dynamic Diversity Training
Program length: 54:00

This is an effective diversity training program that will educate your employees and supervisors to avoid behaviors that harass and discriminate and help them recognize how everyone benefits from a diverse, dynamic workforce. It will take your employees beyond the legal rules to an understanding of the basic human needs and emotions that control workplace relationships between diverse employees.

It is divided into separate workshops. An Employee and a Supervisory Workshop that encourage interactive participation by learners as they explore scenarios addressing discrimination, harassment and diversity issues based upon:

  • Age/multi-generational tensions
  • Sex and gender orientation harassment
  • Disability
  • Personal appearance
  • Protected class cultural and lifestyle identifiers
  • Religion
  • Familial association discrimination
  • Third party harassment and discrimination
  • Retaliation

Full Court Pres, dramatizes the positive benefits of a diverse workplace as well as the real human emotions and adverse business consequences that result from discrimination and harassment.

Languages: English


A Prositions release

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The Plus of Us: Dynamic Diversity Training
reviewed by 2 people
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    Pamela Rama - Manager - Gateway Electronics
There is a lot of information here. It's presented in a very easy to follow manner with places to stop the tape and discuss with your trainees. I think that the harassment / discrimination examples are pretty simplistic and obvious, but would work particularly when training a group of new hires not used to being trained on such matters. I think this would spark a lot of conversation / discussion if used in the right setting. I would recommend He Said, She Said from this website. It's much stronger and more engaging.
    Carol Sauceda - Senior Sexual Harassment and Diversity Education
While the video had some good points, I felt it was very basic. I had a hard time staying awake. It's not something that I would add to my library, my audience would feel that they were being talked down to.

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