Valuing Our Workplace Complete Set
Program length: 08:00
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Valuing Our Workplace Complete Set training video is a two Part Series is comprised of "Doing Our Part," a program that focuses on working together, where "A Look Inside Ourselves" explores personal introspection.

Can be combined with Let's Get Together: Communicating Respect in a Diverse Workplace for a Complete Package.

Valuing Our Workplace: A Look Inside Ourselves - 4:00 minutes

A 4-minute program that reinforces the concepts of Compassion, Unity, Empathy, and Sharing, but is unique in that it asks us to examine our own roles in creating a unified, productive, and happy workplace. This program is a great jumping off point for both personal introspection and serious discussion. Beautiful and uplifting, A LOOK INSIDE OURSELVES opens the door to productive discussions about our individual contributions and responsibilities in the workplace and in life.

Valuing Our Workplace: Doing Our Part - 4:00 minutes

Part of the Series Valuing Our Workplace, Doing our Part is a 4-minute program that is an introduction to understanding our own and responding to others verbal and non-verbal signals, using Compassion, Unity, Empathy, and Sharing. A short but comprehensive and powerful tool, Doing Our Part teaches us about communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and productivity. This unique and visually arresting program emphasizes the personal responsibility we all share for creating a unified and respectful workplace.

Languages: English


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Valuing Our Workplace Complete Set
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