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Village of 100
Program length: 3:00

The premise is simple: If the earth's population was shrunk to a village of precisely 100 people, with all existing ratios remaining the same, what would it look like?

How many would be non-white; how many would be white? How many would have electricity; how many would be heterosexual? What percentage would be wealthy; how many disabled? When you think about the earth's population in terms of these smaller numbers, it becomes a powerful metaphor for the population of our own workplace and dramatically shows the need for tolerance and understanding in a diverse society.

Village of 100 is a powerful tool to enhance cross-cultural awareness for both new and seasoned employees. Present the startling facts to help teams embrace differences and to help customer service representatives treat clients with a heightened sense of cultural compassion. Village of 100 will help cultivate a more ethnically sensitive workforce which is a fundamental element for any great organization.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Village of 100
reviewed by 3 people
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    Todd Ericson - Pediatric Home Service
The concept of A Village of 100 is intriguing and the compressed view makes it easier to understand. I didn't quite get the whole point other than "tolerance." The full view might be more enlightening. I'm hoping more practical points are brought to bear to help us appreciate differences and diversity.

The narration was a bit slow for my taste and delivered by the actors with little or no expression. It was bland. It was also very stylized and "studio-ized."

Great message and concept. I would have preferred a delivery a little more realistic and with much more flavor.
    Loretta Neaves - Site Manager - Southern Company
The impact was really incredible! I would actually love to see this available to high schools across the United States and even further.
    Sue Dubendorfer - Owens Corning
It sparks your thinking and would leave the door open for a lot of discussion within a group.

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