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Without Regard
Program length: 25:00

Without Regard...To Race, Religion, Sex, National Origin, Age, or Disability examines in detail 10 personal stories and experiences that will shed a corporate light on different types of actions, factors and behaviors that can result in a discrimination claim.

Participants are shown that by following six simple and time-tested principles - Respect, Integrity, Honesty, Trust, Responsibility and Citizenship - discrimination in the workplace can successfully be eliminated. The legal aspects are discussed following each training segment, focusing on the principles that can successfully guide employees through these complex workplace discrimination issues.

Employment and workplace laws mandate that all employees work to maintain an work environment that provides equal opportunities. All employees must be hired, rewarded, and evaluated during workplace performance reviews strictly based on job qualifications and job performance, without regard to race, age, sex, disability, religion, or national origin. However the reality is that discrimination - especially subtle discrimination, relentless bias and harassment - continues to hide in dark corners of every workplace. Without Regard explains that everyday stereotypes and assumptions about our differences ultimately become the basis or direclty influence near every workplace discrimination claim.

Don't be mistaken about the impact that frequent, subtle discrimination can have on both organizations and individuals. The cost is high! Organizations might be faced with expensive legal proceedings and resonant judgments, employee stress and tension, lowered morale, lost productivity, and lost talent. The employee burdens from lawsuits and discrimination claims can be steep as well. Employees and team members can face personal and professional risks such as undue stress, lack of career advancement, emotional pain, and untapped talent.

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Without Regard
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