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Driven to Distraction II
Program length: 20:00

Driven to Distraction II is a program about the everyday distractions we allow to enter our vehicles. You and your employees will follow, IM, as he walks you through all of the distractions that increase the odds of having a crash. You will witness the death of some young people and how another one will never walk again because of the distractions they allowed in their vehicles. Distracted driving is one of the main causes of crashes and deaths on our roadways today. When you are operating any vehicle, your full attention should be focused on the safe operation of that vehicle. Staying focused while driving can help you save a life, maybe even your own.

Make Adjustments: Most people adjust the mirrors and seat when driving a different vehicle but you should do this every time you drive any vehicle. Making adjustments before driving will decrease the chance of you taking your eyes off the road while driving.

Multi-Tasking: Neurologists have shown that there's really no such thing as multi-tasking; people are not capable of doing two things at once. What they can do is switch between tasks very rapidly. Some people switch faster than others, but for everyone the act of doing so is a distraction.

Only A Second: Even one momentary glance away from the road can be the difference between life and death to you, your passengers or anyone else on the road. It's not your fault if something unexpected happens on the road, but it's 100% your fault if you take your eyes off the road.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Portuguese (subtitle), Spanish


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Driven to Distraction II
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