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Emotional Wreck
Program length: 23:00

As aggressive driving is responsible for more than 1,500 deaths every year, it is of great importance to raise the awareness level on how emotion behind the wheel negatively impacts health and safety. A powerful and moving DVD, Emotional Wreck takes a disturbing look at what constitutes aggressive driving.

This training shows how one driver’s actions can cause a “domino effect” of poor decisions that ultimately lead to tragedy. Your employees will watch Emotional Wreck in horror as the narrator rides with drivers and manipulates their emotions to spur them into swerving, speeding, tailgating and ignoring traffic lights.

Watch as the four main characters are egged on by the narrator who is riding shotgun or in the backseat with each of them. They unwittingly play right into his hands by getting impatient, allowing distractions, being aggressive, driving to “win” and ignoring the rules and other cars on the road. Look on with terror as he brings one scenario to a heart wrenching end.

After watching this dramatic presentation of the dangers of impatience, selfishness, obliviousness and competiveness behind the wheel, your employees are sure to take a deep breath and drive as if their lives depend on it. Get into your employees’ heads and perhaps save their lives with Emotional Wreck!

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Portuguese (subtitle), Spanish


A DuPont Sustainable Solutions release

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Emotional Wreck
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