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Accelerate driving safety measures and steer employees in the right direction with our lineup of driving courses.

Driving Safety Training

Driven to Distraction II

Nearly 6,000 people died in a recent year from fatal crashes involving distracted drivers, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Distracted driving continues to be an epidemic on our roads. Help raise awareness of this dangerous practice among your employees with this high-impact training DVD.

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Defensive Driving: 15-Passenger Vans

Give your 15-passenger van drivers the training required to operate safely. This new program will give them needed information about loading and handling, common causes of rollovers, safety guidelines, buckling up.

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Defensive Driving for Government Employees

More than 43,000 deaths and even more major injuries happen each year on our roadways. For government employees, no threat is more greater to health and safety on the job than motor vehicle accidents. Train your drivers to be safe every time they get behind the wheel.

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Golf Cart and LSV Safety: On And Off The Course

With increased usage of golf carts and low speed vehicles comes an increase of incidents. In fact, thousands of golf cart incidents happen every year, many which are serious and sometimes even fatal.

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Safe Winter Driving

Provide special driving techniques to help employees safely manage winter driving hazards with this course. Show your staff how to assemble emergency kits and navigate through poor visibility as a result of rain, sleet and snow.

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Emergency Response Driving

Risks are present anytime you get behind the wheel, but when you turn on the lights and sirens in an emergency vehicle, those risks are multiplied. Teach your drivers what it means to drive in emergency response situations and driving tips to make sure every trip is a safe one.

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