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Electronic Circuits: Logic Fundamentals, Types & Application
Program length: 30:00

Electronic Circuits: Logic Fundamentals, Types & Application will help viewers to learn how to convert binary, hexadecimal, and octal numbers to decimal equivalents as well as cover:

  • Logic symbols and truth tables for NAND and NOR gates
  • S-R and J-K flip-flop outputs resulting from different inputs
  • The uses and functions of shift registers, counters, half adders, and full adders
  • Learn how to identify whether a flip-flop is triggered by a positive or a negative edge of the clock pulse
  • The operation of bilateral switches and divide-by-N counters and how the modulus of a counter can be changed to some other modulus

Electronic Circuits: Logic Fundamentals, Types & Application is designed for operators, technicians, maintenance personnel, and others who regularly work with electronic circuits. All terms used are explained or defined throughout the courses, so participants are not required to have an extensive technical vocabulary to understand the content.

The Electronic Circuits: Logic Fundamentals, Types & Application training program has been structured with chaptered content around primary learning objectives and as a result, administrators will enjoy simplified course navigation to more easily cover specific training points, conduct refresher training and encourage discussion.

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Electronic Circuits: Logic Fundamentals, Types & Application
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