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Make these training videos the first step of your emergency preparedness plan and equip your employees for exposure, emergencies and other disasters.

Emergency Preparedness in Healthcare

Disaster Planning: Defuse the Time Bomb

Disaster preparedness is critical in healthcare. This vital training will help safeguard your patients' and employees' lives, as well as the facility itself, by educating you on how to best prepare for potential disaster and emergency.

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Fire Safety: Be Alert Not Alarmed!

Provide a complete knowledge of the basics of fire safety along with critical wisdom of what to do during an actual emergency.

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Fire Emergency: When it’s Not Just a Drill

This program emphasizes the value of ongoing fire awareness and the importance of following proper fire safety procedures. Make sure your employees are prepared for when it’s not just another drill.

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Fire Emergency: Initial Response & Evacuation

This DVD features life-saving information on common hospital fire situations and will ensure your healthcare employees understand how to respond initially to a fire emergency as well as proper evacuation protocols.

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Fire Prevention in Healthcare Facilities

Fire Prevention in Healthcare Facilities takes a look at what causes fires in healthcare facilities, and what can be done to prevent well as what employees should do in case of a fire emergency.

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Fire Safety for Ambulatory Care: Mission Possible

This leading program covers essential knowledge on fires to ensure the safe evacuation of patients in the event of a fire emergency. Learn how to lead through fire doors, the swing carry method, and the two person single file carry method.

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Healthcare Electrical Safety: AMPle Protection

Help employees learn to recognize potential electrical hazards, how to safeguard the healthcare workplace and prevent injuries and what to do if an electrical injury occurs.

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Fire Safety For Long-Term Care: Not A Drill

This program is designed for the long-term healthcare profressional and emphasizes the importance of on-going fire awareness and following proper fire safety procedures.

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Biological Threats in Healthcare: Identify and Respond

Teach your healthcare workers how to respond and cope to biological agents and exposure emergencies with this vital training program.

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