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Employee Retention Videos

Keeping the Good Ones Video

A Media Partners Release

This management training video should simply be considered Management 101. This groundbreaking film takes us into the world of a seasoned manager who is learning that his team are "people first, and employees second." Whether you're a new manager who is learning the ropes or a seasoned manager who wants a fresh perspective on what managing people is all about, this video is a must-have for your library.

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Bad Apples™: How to Deal with Difficult Attitudes

Dealing with people that are negative or passive aggressive are some of the most challenging relationships. Just being around someone who complains, whines or just doesn’t say anything can cause you to feel frustrated, angry or even helpless.

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A Leader's Guide to Delegating

A CRM Release

What's every top manager's secret to success? In a word: delegate, delegate, delegate. What does the reluctant delegator need? A foolproof 5-step process for making sure that tasks are delegated correctly and the end result is successful.

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Unfair Dismissal

HR Consultant Peter Wallbridge discusses what constitutes unfair dismissal and what leads to legal claims. He offers insights and understanding about problem areas.

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Johnny the Bagger®: A True Story of Customer Service

To fully address consumer needs one must exude passion, motivation and a personal commitment to delivering exceptional service. Train your employees to understand how individual actions ultimately impact the customer with this heartwarming true story.

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Building Your Team: Recruiting, Interviewing & Hiring

Finding and hiring the best associates is quite possibly the most important job of any retail manager. It's as simple as keeping your eyes open during day to day transactions with staff in the businesses that you shop at personally.

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The Human Touch: Performance Appraisal II

As a manager, conducting performance appraisals is one of the most important opportunities you will have to help your employees, yourself, and your company. Done correctly, performance appraisals can help close the gap between the actual performance of your employees and the performance needed to meet corporate objectives.

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Generation Y

Featuring Peter Sheahan, a noted international speaker, Generation Y will energize your team and get everyone from entry level to senior management serious about talent development.

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