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After the Hire: Retaining Good Employees
Program length: 24:00

Many of today's businesses are lean. Employees wear more than one hat so that they may operate more efficiently in today's competitive marketplace. After the Hire: Retaining Good Employees maintains that keeping good employees is critical in today's business world. How managers show that they value their good employees is the subject of this very practical film.

Using a dramatic reenactments, After the Hire: Retaining Good Employees shows how a well-meaning and successful manager, Nancy loses one of her most talented employees, Nicole. Nancy has a unique opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge from her ex-employee as to what was missing and what could have been done to retain the services of Nicole. This captivating training will teach important measures that must be taken in order to retain top employees, including:

  • Understand the importance of retaining good employees
  • Communicate clear performance expectations
  • Set measurable performance standards
  • Take time to give employee feedback
  • Take time to listen and receive feedback from employees
  • Recognize and reward good work
  • Find opportunities and challenges for valued employees

Languages Available (sold separately): English


A Vivid Edge release

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After the Hire: Retaining Good Employees
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
This practical film does a fairly good job of keeping your attention while outlining the importance of not taking good employees for granted. It offers insightful and practical information for keeping your good employees.

  • Insightful
  • Practical
  • Some viewers may find the dream sequence silly.

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