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Line Breaking: Plan for Success
Program length: 21:00

Line Breaking: Plan for Success will help your employees gain a solid understanding of how to plan for and prepare a line breaking operation and how to perform a line break safely.

Types of Line Breaks

Line breaking can be performed in a variety of ways and no singular definition covers every type.

The type of line break depends on several factors such as the type of line, material carried in the line, and the temperature of the material.

Planning and Preparation

Prior to performing a line break, these factors contribute to being fully prepared: job planning; systems preparation; and lockout/isolation.

  • Job Planning: The job plan must be prepared by someone who understands the system and the hazards associated with the system.
  • Systems Preparation: Once the job plan is approved workers must prepare the system for a line break. System preparation includes displacement of any hazardous materials that were previously contained in the line.
  • Lockout/Isolation: Lockout and isolation doesn't ensure that all energy is removed from the line being opened. It will ensure that the line cannot be re-energized while work is being performed on it. There are several ways to isolate a system, and the method used will depend on the hazards involved, the frequency of the line breaks, and the risks of a leak.

Job Turnover

When a line break has been completed, job turnover is the next step in completing the full process. Line Breaking: Plan for Success shows that job turnover begins with a review of job scope, noting any safety health and environmental issues. Once the job is complete, a turnover is performed to return the system to the control of the operations group.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Portuguese (subtitle), Spanish


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Line Breaking: Plan for Success
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