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Back in Action
Program length: 20:00

Back in Action follows six co-workers as they attempt to make an office documentary on the importance of back safety.

An incident resulting in a back injury could have an effect on wages, family time, and quality of life. Show your employees how proper lifting techniques and a proactive health regimen can go a long way toward maintaining a properly aligned spine, a strong core and better quality of life. In turn, these actions will help reduce future costs to both your employees and your organization.

Back Injury Stats (Bureau of Labor Statistics; Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index)

  • Back injuries cost businesses more than $12 billion annually
  • Three out of four injuries to the lower back occur while lifting
  • More than one million workers nationwide suffer back injuries each year

When it comes to your back, pain is not gain. Pain is a warning sign and should be treated as such. Back in Action will highlight common pains that could indicate the presence or development of a back injury. These include:

  • Pain when attempting to assume normal posture
  • Pain when standing or rising from a seated position
  • Recurrent pain
  • Limited range of motion.

Age, weight, and overall physical fitness are all possible risk factors, but some actions, including frequent repetitive movements, twisting and bending while lifting, or pulling instead of pushing a load can aggravate past injuries or increase your overall risk for injury.

Using the proper techniques and workplace practices showcased in Back in Action, will help you and your employees understand how your back works and help you identify the risks and warning signs associated with injury.  Take back your health and stay in action.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Portuguese (subtitle), Spanish


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Back in Action
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