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Ergonomics: The 24-Hour Body
Program length: 18:00

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Ergonomics is employed to fulfill the two goals of health and productivity. Ergonomics: The 24-Hour Body displays everyday solutions necessary for your employees to maintain healthy bodies when they leave for the day. This informative training will prevent lost workdays due to off-the-job injuries, supporting both healthy backs and bottom lines.

Understanding How the Back Works

  • How Your Back Works

Practicing Good Body Mechanics

  • The Right Way to Do Your Weekend Chores
  • The Right Way to Work on Your Car
  • The Right Way to Relax

Since your employees “wear” their bodies 24-hours a day, they need to take care of them before, during and after work. With Ergonomics: The 24-Hour Body, you’ll provide your staff with the latest information on body safety and ergonomic developments and maintain productivity.

Languages: English, Portuguese (subtitle), Spanish


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Ergonomics: The 24-Hour Body
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