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Ethics 4 Everyone
ETHICS | a CRM Release
Program length: 15:00

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With issues of corporate integrity and accountability in the news daily, perhaps it's time for a refresher course in ethics. The Ethics 4 Everyone  training covers it all -- from taking home a few office supplies, to ethnic jokes, to insider trading, and more.

Ethics 4 Everyone is narrated by Eric Harvey, co-author of the best-selling Walk the Talk book series. These lessons have helped more than 84% of Fortune magazine's Most Admired Companies turn values into value-added results.

Ethics 4 Everyone beautifully illustrates the cause-and-effect of corporate and individual responsibility, offering do-able solutions, including how to make decisions that ensure a greater ethical response to business issues. The program offers several tools and strategies for helping people consistently do what's right:

  • When in doubt…use an Ethical Action Test - Is it legal? Does it comply with our rules, guidelines, and organizational values? Will I be comfortable and guilt free if I do it? 
  • Master the 3 "Rs" - Treat people and company resources with respect. Be responsible for providing quality goods and services, and commitments. Get the right results the right way.
  • Learn To Say No with Tact - When faced with a situation or directive you believe is wrong, don't go along to get along. State your objection and propose an alternative action.
  • Manage Conflicting Rights or Ethical Dilemmas - Use the ethical action test to decide what's "more right", and if you're still not sure, get an outside opinion.
  • Walk the Talk - Understand that ethics is displayed in everything you do… and that everything you do counts. 

The Bonus Leadership Segment outlines 10 Ethics Guidelines specifically for those in a leadership role. Footage covers how to hold yourself accountable for ethical behavior, how to regularly communicate organizational values and ethical standards to staff so they are certain about what is/isn't acceptable and why it's important to recognize those who act ethically.

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Languages Available (sold separately): English, Spanish (dubbed), Bahasa Indonesia (subtitled), Cantonese (dubbed), Mandarin (dubbed), Chinese Traditional (subtited), Chinese Simplified (subtitled), Japanese (subtitled), Hebrew (subtitled)

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Ethics 4 Everyone
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6 out of 8 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Corey Grua - Dir. of Corporate Training - Cyberonics
CRM usually covers thoughtful topics well and many of them memorable...this one is no exception. With all that's been going on in big business recently, Ethics 4 Everyone is very timely. Clear and thought provoking, I think it would work well for us.

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