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Ethics Series with Dr. Marianne Jennings
Program length: 55:00

Utilizing eye-opening stories and real-life examples the Ethics Series with Dr. Marianne Jennings provides strategies that can help you address and resolve many ethical workplace dilemmas. The courses examine pressing topics, including the flaws of the gray-area myth, a lack of understanding why ethics matters and the pressures that compromise ethical decision-making.

Ethics Is a Competitive Advantage

"Why do Ethics matter?" Through real-world examples, data, and research Dr. Marianne Jennings teaches why ethical organizations' performance and credibility in the marketplace is better than non-ethical organizations due to the sustainable business models that come from being ethical.

  • Learn What Ethical Lapses Really Cost
  • Ethics Purchase Trust through Regulatory Relationships
  • Avoid Unpleasant Surprises By Embracing Data
  • Achieve Sustainability and Avoid Loopholes

Speaking Up Without Fear

Teaches the importance of speaking up and communicating when you are aware of a misstep, why it is everyone's responsibility, and how organizations can most effectively draw out the issues. Dr. Marianne Jennings educates on the importance of speaking up through data, personal research on whistleblowers, and real-world examples.

  • People are ALWAYS Aware of the Issues
  • What is a "FLAT" Organization?
  • What Organizations Must Do to Prevent Fear

Ethical Leadership: Tone at all Levels

Learn the significance of the example that all employees are setting from the bottom to the top. Dr. Jennings uses the analysis of pressure, communication, personal complacency, and indifference to educate that the "tone" of ethics resonates with each and every employee.

  • Company Interests vs. Self-Interests
  • We All Think We're Ethical. Why?
  • The Power of Example and Enforcement

Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Ethics Series with Dr. Marianne Jennings
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