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Good People, Bad Choices
Program length: 24:00

Nearly every day an organization or business makes headlines, often the target of ethical misconduct claims or accusations. Each of these organizations had a code of ethics, detailed policies and specific procedures. But it's not the organization that behaved unethically; it was the individuals and the decisions they made. Individuals make ethical choices, not organizations. Yet, in most cases, we are not talking about bad people. It's usually good people that make bad choices. It's still a good thing to remind all those good people!

Good People, Bad Choices features nine dramatizations based on true events that depict a variety of ethical dilemmas or acts of ethical misconduct common in the workplace. Two former executives narrate, and with the help of a graduate student, explore in detail the aspects of ethics, choices and personal accountability. This dramatic guide to ethical decision-making provides an excellent vehicle for discussion based training that covers the following training points:

  • Confidential information
  • Gift giving
  • Financial accountability
  • Copyright infringement
  • ...and more

Training Bonus: All nine segments are provided both with and without narration. Conveniently replay each one during discussions or create your own customized vignette based training program.

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Languages Available (sold separately): English


A Vivid Edge release

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Good People, Bad Choices
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    Loretta Neaves - Site Manager
I liked the overall production and presentation. It was believable and realistic. It is also nice to recognize some of the actors used. "Good People, Bad Choices" will be most helpful as a tool in our continued training programs and will certainly be used during orientation of all new employees. I will probably require review of this video at least twice a year.

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