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Anchorages: Making the Connection
Program length: 17:00

When your employees are working from heights greater than 6 feet, full attention must be given to support and safeguard them in the event of falls or potential fall hazards. Anchorages: Making the Connection demonstrates methods of identifying secure anchorage points as well as how to connect to these points safely. Belts, lanyards, and safety harnesses are all designed to suspend and secure your employees, but they are absolutely useless if they are not connected properly to an anchorage point.

Knowing how to properly identify a secure attachment point, or anchorage, is a critical step in fall protection. Whether or not a surface has the strength and structural integrity to support your employees safely is not a risk you or your company can ever afford to take. Anchorages: Making the Connection will teach you how to scout for surfaces that have the requisite structural strength to support your employees.

Just as identifying anchorage points is important, in order to be fully compliant with OSHA’s Personal Fall Arrest System (1910.66 app C and 1926 subpart M app C) you must make every effort to ensure your workers are securely fastened to the anchorage point and that the connection works in tandem with any other fall arrest systems you may have. Anchorages: Making the Connection will show safe hook-ups and connections that can keep your employees safe and secure.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Portuguese (subtitle), Spanish


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Anchorages: Making the Connection
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