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Forklift Handling: Safety in Dangerous Situations
Program length: 17:00

The many different types of forklifts each present a number of operating hazards. Determining the best way to protect workers from injury largely depends on the type of truck they are operating and the worksite where it is being used. Forklift Handling: Safety in Dangerous Situations demonstrates important safeguards for operating in hazardous conditions.

Slippery Surfaces

Your facility may have several floor composites or coatings that can cause your lift trucks to respond differently when steering, accelerating or braking.  Depending on your workplace, there could exist multiple variants that create unsafe operating conditions.

Heavy Traffic Areas

If your facility operates forklifts in areas where employees are performing essential functions that could make them less aware of approaching forklifts, you must make efforts to ensure maximum safety. Forklift Handling: Safety in Dangerous Situations will provide proper training while maintaining productivity.

Loading Docks, Trailers & Ramps

Forklift operators must be aware of potential hazards presented by unique ramps, trailers, loading docks, and elevators. Steep grades and load limits all impact the way the lift is handled. With the assistance of this training DVD, your workers will be able to safely enter, exit, or deposit a load under precarious circumstances.

Languages Available (sold separately): English, Portuguese (subtitle), Spanish


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Forklift Handling: Safety in Dangerous Situations
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