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Four Generations: The Greatest Potential
Program length: 21:00

With multiple generations in today's workplace, differences in attitudes, values, and ways of communicating can create misunderstandings and trigger conflicts that reduce morale, teamwork, and productivity. But, these differences need not be barriers to a better bottom line.

Four Generations: The Greatest Potential helps traditionalists, baby boomers, generation X'ers, and generation Y'ers in your organization, bridge the generation gap and improve relationships critical to business and personal growth.

The program uses several scenarios to show how inter-generational differences are played out in the workplace. One focus highlights a conflict of values as two colleagues heatedly discuss to whom they should assign a big, lucrative account. On the one hand a baby boomer who values loyalty to the company, his responsibility, and his solid numbers. On the other is Generation X'er who prefers creativity, street smarts, higher figures, and results-driven mindset.

In other re-enactments, a Generation X'er and a Generation Y'er illustrate the differences in communication styles. A traditionalist takes incessant questioning as disrespectful. A baby boomer fails to grasp and disapproves of why an intern applicant inquires about career development, job benefits, and the portability of those perks.

The video then steps back to examine each of these situations. A host-narrator explains the dynamics involved and how they generate misunderstandings and heated discussions. The program ends as the four generations come to a better understanding of one other and resolve their earlier differences.

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Languages Available (sold separately): English


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Four Generations: The Greatest Potential
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