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Managing Four Generations in the Workplace
Program length: 35:00

We are seeing for the first time in history, four generations with distinct working differences in the workplace at the same time. Each of these age groups has a different set of expectations, needs and demands. Employers who cannot recognize these differences may lose their best employees and see their workplaces in turmoil.

In this scenario-based sequel to the best-seller Mixing Four Generations in the Workplace, author and host, Cam Marston, teaches supervisors and managers the practical techniques they need to avoid conflict, handle cross-generational communications problems, and truly maximize performance.

About Cam Marston...

Consultant, author, and speaker Cam Marston has worked with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses throughout the world to improve multigenerational relations and communications. Cam’s programs and concepts are the result of more than eight years of extensive research and study inside businesses of all sizes and sectors. In the course of his work, he has interviewed hundreds of representatives of the various generations.

Managing Four Generations in the Workplace includes two videos

Learning How to Gen-Flex - 21:00 minutes

This program will teach you how to Gen-Flex or move into another generation’s comfort zone. Do you remember the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?” The golden rule would be great if we were all from the same generation. Because people are different they need to be treated differently. This is the basis for what's called Gen-Flexing -- operating in another generation’s world. Treat them as they want to be treated. Gen-Flex out of your comfort zone into theirs.

Solving Five Difficult Problems - 14:00 minutes

Learn how to tackle five common problems often found in a mixed generation work environment:

  1. You gotta start using your computer!
  2. What does my boss want from me?
  3. You have to quit listening to that iPod™!
  4. What's the big deal about being a little late?
  5. Don't talk to me that way!

Languages: English


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Managing Four Generations in the Workplace
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