Harassment Hurts: It's Personal II
Program length: 16:00
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Harassment Hurts: It's Personal II 16:00
 This newly revised program explores the pain and cost of harassment, covering such topics as age, race, sexual orientation, political affiliation, pregnancy, ethnicity, sexual harassment and much more. The program uses personalized stories and detailed legal and policy definitions to cover all types of harassment that occur in organizations and workplaces. Recent legal concepts, from the expanded definition of Quid Pro Quo (that includes more than sexual harassment) to Tangible Employment Action, are included. 

Key Learning Points:

  • Understand and learn what harassment is and isn't
  • Learn the different types of harassment
  • See examples of the negative consequences of various types of harassment
  • Explore sexual as well as other types of harassment
  • See how statistics demonstrate the prevalence of harassment in the workplace
  • Learn how to speak up about harassment and where to turn if you are harassed

Harassment-Prevention Essentials for Managers 10:00The manager module is a short yet comprehensive program that covers the essential information managers and supervisors need to have about what harassment is and how to deal with it proactively. 

This straight-forward supplement emphasizes legal issues while clarifying the important role a manager plays in setting the right example and providing strong leadership to ensure that the workplace is respectful and legally compliant for everyone. Religious, transgender, bullying, and online harassment are some of the current topics discussed in this module. 

Covered are:
  • Taking a proactive approach
  • Legal definitions of harassment
  • Tangible Employment Action
  • Who is legally protected and why
  • The manager as role model
  • The consequences of harassment
  • Appropriate responses to harassment

Purchase Package Includes:
  • 16:00 Main Program Harassment Hurts II
  • 10:00 Manager Program Harassment-Prevention Essentials for Managers
  • 2 Leader's Guides
  • 2 sets of Reproducible Participant Materials
  • 2 PowerPoint Presentations

Languages: English


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Purchase $595.00

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Harassment Hurts: It's Personal II
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