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Harassment Is - Office Version
Program length: 22:00

Harassment represents a destructive workplace issue faced by many employers today. Now more than ever, it's important to train all personnel to recognize the various forms that harassment may take and implement measures to prevent it in your organization! Your employees may be making jokes and and what they believe to be "harmless" comments about race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability, age and others. Although harassment takes many forms, Harassment Is aptly shows that the outcome is the same: legal liability, profound emotional stress, lower employee morale and reduced productivity.

Harassment Is offers realistic scenarios representing many different forms of harassment based on sex, age, race, disability, religion, and sexual orientation. Each harassment situation is presented by an on-camera host who adds additional content and insights to enhance the comprehension and retention of this critical information.

Ensure that your employees are doing their part to create and maintain a respectful work environment. With the Harassment Is DVD training course, your employees will learn the various forms of harassment, understand their negative impact, apply preventive guidelines, and know appropriate response measures if they witness or become victims of harassment.

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Harassment Is - Office Version
reviewed by 4 people
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    Trainer - Professional Trainer
This is a well-done training video that plainly presents harassment, including sexual harassment, in terms of respect and appropriate behavior. Unlike other harassment programs that get bogged down in legal explanations, expert opinions, and stereotypical scenarios, Harassment Is is a straightforward presentation of solid information. The message comes from both the victim's perspective and the harassing employee's perspective -- who may be making poor choices, who may be acting like a jerk, but who isn't necessarily trying to be malicious. Harassment Is also puts the burden of responsibility for creating a respectful work environment on the employee and the manager. I also really liked that the video didn't try to define harassment as much as it illustrates how a pattern of inappropriate and disrespectful behaviors in the workplace may lead to harassment as defined by the courts, but always hurts employee morale, productivity, turnover, and ultimately the bottom line.

  • Plain, straightforward presentation of potential harassment that doesn't get bogged down in legal or technical jargon
  • Realistic and believable scenarios
  • Puts responsibility for a harassment-free workplace on the employee and the manager
  • Explains how a pattern of inapporpriate and disrespectful behaviors may lead to harassment but always hurt the bottom line
  • Several version available, including retail, industrial, hospitality, and office
  • I questioned the believability of a couple of scenarios in the government and industrial versions: they seemed forced
5 out of 9 people thought the following review was helpful:
    Gloria Bunce - ITC Consulting
One thing I found particularly valuable about Harassment Is is the quality of the actors and scenes presented. Harassment is one of those subject that tends to be a vehicle for over dramatization, but this video uses a bit of tact, some excellent written dialogue and believable characters to ensure a quality overall performance. Some of the scenes in the vignettes are relatable by every day folks working in cubicles, but the real focus lies with the empathy that the actors that play the victims draws out of the viewer. As you progress through the video people are being asked basic questions about harassment, and their answers get more complex as new information is introduced the video. Harassment Is... helps the viewer find a path to complete understanding about the overall concept of harassment.
    Andrew Stroud - Managing Director
I thought the video gives a concise overview of harassment that is easy to understand. The program will complement other materials I have prepared on the topic of harassment.
    Bill Abbott - HR Director / Copper River Native Association
I appreciated that this product clearly and methodically brings attention to key harassment issues which could arise in the workplace. I was waiting to see if the video would address sexual harassment which was presented as the last topic; I liked that it kept me wondering if the topic would be covered, and it was also concise and to the point. I look forward to purchasing and incorporating this video into our new hire orientation process!

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