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Harassment-Prevention Essentials for Managers
Program length: 11:00

Harassment-Prevention Essentials includes important nuances of legal compliance, with examples of nonsexual quid pro quo harassment as well as more easily recognizable illegal behaviors and infractions of standard organization policies.  It explains the “reasonable person standard,” and emphasizes the need to communicate about harassment issues in an appropriate way, as a model for respectful behavior. 

Harassment-Prevention Essentials for Managers covers Tangible Employment Action and why it matters, explaining how managers and supervisors are more vulnerable to liability, as well as the crucial part they play in an organization to prevent harassment, promote professionalism, and avoid noncompliance. 

Religious, transgender, bullying, and online harassment are some of the up-to-date topics covered in this 11-minute program. Harassment-Prevention Essentials for Managers includes a useful leader’s guide with both discussion questions and quiz. Highly recommended! 

  •        Taking a proactive approach
  •        Legal definitions of harassment
  •        Tangible Employment Action
  •        Sexual harassment
  •        Who is legally protected and why
  •        Examples of harassment and abusive conduct
  •        The manager as role model
  •        The consequences of harassment
  •        Appropriate responses to harassment

Languages: English


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Harassment-Prevention Essentials for Managers
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