Let's Talk... Harassment, Bullying & Respect
Program length: 30:00
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This series contains 3 compelling programs:
1. Let's Talk...Harassment - It Happens!
2. Let's Talk...Bullying, Abusive Conduct, & Their Consequences
3. Let's Talk...Respect - It Matters

Harassment and Bullying can be difficult and complicated subjects to cover, but the Let's Talk Series straightforward approach walks the viewer through the important legal definitions as well as the consequences of certain actions, making these programs engaging and easy to comprehend.  Each program works great as a single, stand-alone training, or either would be the perfect add-on program to enhance your existing harassment and respectful workplace training. 

LTH_HARASSMENT PROMO.jpgLet's Talk...Harassment - It Happens!

This program clearly defines harassment, its impact on your employees and organization, as well as its remedies. Beyond discussion of general forms of Harassment, an advantage of this program is its coverage of the legal definitions of both Quid Pro Quo Harassment (with an expanded definition that includes more than sexual harassment) and Hostile Work Environment Harassment.

The program both engages the viewer and covers a lot of ground—including such legal concepts as Tangible Employment Action and Vicarious Employment Action Liability. Harassment can occur in any organization. Let's Talk...Harassment - It Happens! addresses the topic in a straightforward, candid manner. It can be used on its own or to fine-tune other more general harassment & respectful workplace programs.

ats cyberbully 2Let's Talk... BULLYING Abusive Conduct, & Their Consequences

This comprehensive program defines bullying and abusive conduct, its impact on people and organizations, and discusses suggested remedies. Let's Talk...BULLYING & Abusive Conduct clearly explains the legal definition of bullying, an aspect of the topic that many people are unsure of. It's a perfect add-on program to enhance harassment training legally required to include prevention of “abusive conduct,” for example the new AB 2053 CA mandate.

Unfortunately, bullying can occur in any organization. This program addresses the topic in an uncomplicated, easy-to-understand manner. It can be used on its own or to fine-tune other more general harassment & respectful workplace programs.

ats gossipLet's Talk...Respect - It Matters 

Let's Talk . . . Respect–It Matters, which focuses on how professionalism contributes to a respectful workplace, is part of the popular Let’s Talk series of concise but comprehensive stand-alone programs. It can be difficult to define “respect.” The advantage of this program is the way that it equates respect in the workplace with professionalism, in an easy-to-understand way.

An excellent guide to respect and professionalism in the workplace, the program both engages the viewer and effectively educates. It’s a great tool to help achieve a happy, productive, and legally compliant workplace. 

Let's Talk...Harassment, Bullying & Respect Key Learning Points
  • What is harassment and bullying?
  • How do harassment and bullying affect individuals and organizations?
  • Legal definitions and forms of harassment and bullying
  • How to employ professionalism as an expression of respect.
  • Examples of disrespectful behavior in the workplace like stereotyping, gossiping, bullying & harassment.
  • Expressions of a respectful workplace like using a person’s name & asking for someone’s input.

Languages: English


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Let's Talk... Harassment, Bullying & Respect
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